Wednesday, April 7, 2010


my roommate/ best friend and I have a plan.

We are running away to Australia. Yep. the end. the two of us are oober stressed out, so we are going to ride buses, and take boats, and trains, until we get to Australia. We are planning to live there, and ride camels on the beach, swim in the ocean, and meet some nice tan boys with accents that can show us around. then we are going to rent an apartment, and I will be a bar singer and she will be a janitor at the bar so that we can make money, and we will grow old together and be happy and never have to think about the testing center again.......... and they lived happily ever after.


we have even gone so far as to look up how much a plane ticket would cost and start planning our packing lists.
it is how we escape, and it works! until the part where we have to come beck to reality kicks in..... haha

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