Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the end is near

they year is drawing to a close, and (though you can't tell by the weather) spring is upon us. I have absolutely loved my first year here at BYU and I do not think I would have changed any of it. I have the best roommates a person could ask for, and we are going to live together next year. the only regret I have is making friends with a bunch of great guys that are leaving for 2 years. not really though. I have made friends, that oddly enough, are mostly guys, and mostly pre- mission. my roommates and i are going to have to start almost completely over next year. oh well. It is totally worth it considering all of them are going on missions, and are worthy to go on missions!! I love that they are all getting so excited about going. BYU has kicked my butt, but i do not think i would have enjoyed any other school nearly as much. the classes here have been so hard that they seem immopssible, but i have done them. this school has certainly taught me that i can do hard things. that is certain. i have also learned that learning together and teaching one another is much better than learning alone and trying to compete with everyone. so, now that the year is coming to an end, i think i am going to celebrate by melting my brain with some episodes of The Office, some laughs with my friends before they leave, and a little more studying. I think that is pretty do-able.

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