Tuesday, April 6, 2010

debating women

so, my British lit class just had a discussion on the debate of women , their roles, and their writing. we read different essays from men and women writing back and forth to each other. may i just say, those women could hold their own!! they are some of the funniest wittiest things i have ever read. those women have guts too! they are writing to men that believe them to be inferior, and they are cracking jokes about those men that they are trying to prove themselves too. i do not think i would have the guts to do that. they were bold and brave and stuck up for their right to write. i look up to those women. because of them, i have the ability to speak my mind and write what i want. they have paved the way for all women writers, and ladies, i think they deserve a tip of the hat from us for groundbreaking work they did, just so that they would write what they wanted.

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