Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello talent

I have learned over the years that everyone has their own special talents and that everyone has some value. Well, lately, my three little sisters have become superstars at life, and they are killing my whole originality thing. one sister just made straight A's and won a gymnastics meet, one sister is an amazing singer and shows me up every time those notes come out of her mouth..... and the other sister is only 8 years old and is competing in UIL story telling. two of them compete in showing rabbits, and they just made big money from selling their show rabbits. they are killing me!! I am not jealous by any means. I am thrilled for them! but goodness gracious, I am the oldest kid. I should be good at at least one thing. haha. oh well, I guess I am just setting the path for them to follow. next thing I know, they are gonna go to IV league schools and leave me in the dust here too. I think i would be OK with that though. I want them to do the best they can and be the best they can. nothing thrills me more than that.

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