Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I sing.... betcha didnt know that.

I have a confession to make....... I sing. that is right. I sing. Do i ever do it in public, goodness no. has my roommate/ best friend ever heard me sing in the year she has known me? no. has my other roommate/ best friend ever heard me sing? yes, but only twice... max. Do I love singing? with all my heart!!
why am I so afraid to share my talent? Who knows!!!!!! but i hate it with a passion.

I think i feel like there are more than enough singers to go around when you live in a place like this, so i do not sing, because i know i am not as good as them. but this explanation does not cover it, because none of my friends in high school knew that i sang either until I got up to do a solo at graduation. haha. I have sang in church once at home, and never here. I am simply terrified to do it.
I think I am a decent singer. I am no Celine Dion for sure, and i am not even as good as most of the people here, but I have been in an official after school practices included, gotta wear an ugly dress choir since 5th grade. AND i have a minor in music. That should encourage me to do better than I have at sharing a talent that I know was given to me by my Heavenly Father to share. But i cannot bring myself to do it. I don't know why, but it is frustrating me. I need to seriously consider it.

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  1. I was sort of the same way before my mission.
    Somehow my mission president found out and asked me to sing at every: zone conference, mission conference, stake meetings, etc. After a while it became not such a horrible thing.

    Now, I don't mind letting people hear me sing - even practicing..... [which used to be the worst thing ever. I would only sing when I was the only one around.]

    So, you can do it.