Tuesday, April 6, 2010

fish funerals

so, as an April fools joke, a friend got a hold of the key to our apartment and graced us with about 25 fish in our bathtub and sink. all fun and games right? wrong! we did not know what to do withour new houseguests, so we put them in a bucket and decided to keep them for a while and see what happens. well, my 2 roommates and I have become very attached to our little friends and named several of them, including Ricky and Lucy(the twins), Mater(because he swims backwards), creeper(because he looks like he has a mustache). jorge (because he was kinda brown looking), Clifford(because it is a cool name), and smallfry(because it is the smallest fish we have ever seen). well, we were going along just fine, when tragedy struck in our happy little home..... you know the end of Titanic when you see all the bodies floating and it grosses you out? that happened, in fish form. depressing. so now we have Mater, smallfry, and 3 fish with no names. we are trying our best to get over the deaths of our little friends, but it was really depressing having to have a mass fish funeral.

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